Help Prevent Invasive Plants and Animals

Boating and fishing laws to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species are in effect. Be sure you are familiar with these laws before you head out.

Invasive species such as the zebra mussel, round goby, sea lamprey, Eurasian ruffe, European frog-bit, Eurasian watermilfoil, rusty crayfish and spiny water flea are causing significant damage to Michigan’s waters. A number of species could potentially reach the Great Lakes, including bighead and silver carp traveling up the Illinois River and Chicago Area Waterway System and snakehead fish, found in other Midwest states. Invasive species are harmful to recreational boating and fishing and cause extensive economic and natural resource damage.

Boaters and anglers can help prevent the spread of fish diseases and invasive aquatic species by taking the following steps:

Clean, Drain and Dry boats, trailers and gear to prevent moving aquatic invasive species and fish diseases.

Don’t Dump Bait – dispose of bait on land or in the trash to stop the spread of invasive species and fish disease.

Ships – Exchange Ballast Water

Natural resource managers are concerned about introduction of new species and urge people to report any discoveries. Anglers should save and report unidentified fish to contacts listed at or use the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network at