PART VII: Backyard Management


Homes for Wildlife:

  • Backyard birding notes, Travis Audubon Society
    Brief, but informative notes about many aspects of birdhouses.
  • Basic Survival Needs, Nutty Birdwatcher
    Dos and Don'ts, a specifications table and more.
  • Bird Houses For Songbirds, Alabama Cooperative Extension System
    Brief, but includes a dimensions chart and some species specific information.
  • Birdhouse Basics, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    Explanations on how to build houses for different kinds of birds and tips for setting them up.
  • Birdhouses/Feeders Information Category from
    Some articles from their own expert mixed with links from all over.
  • Build A Birdhouse, USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
    Background information and plans for songbird houses.
  • Butterfly Houses, The Butterfly WebSite
    A discussion on the potential uselessness of butterfly "hibernating boxes."
  • Conservation Articles Available, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
    See especially numbers 67, 68, 70 and 101.
  • Den Boxes for Squirrels, Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service
    Background information on squirrels and den boxes, with building and installation instructions at the end.
  • Floating Habitat Plans and Instructions, Ted Andresen
    A personal web page with an incredible amount of good information.
  • Habitat Management Fact Sheets, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
    A couple of sheets on structures for wildlife.
  • Homes for Birds, USFWS Office of Migratory Bird Mangement
    Very detailed pamphlet with some species specific information.
  • Nest boxes for birds, Canadian Wildlife Service
    Good article with lots of information, box size tables, and diagrams.
  • Purple Martin Conservation Association
    Lots of information about attracting and managing purple martins by using houses.
  • Recommended Dimensions for Birdhouses, Farm Bill Network
    An extensive chart, by species.
  • Selected Articles, WindStar Wildlife Institute
    The bird section has several species specific articles about houses.
  • Shelves, Houses and Feeders for Birds and Mammals (PDF - 794 KB), University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension
    A 49 page book with lots of instructions and diagrams for many different species.  Includes a section on using recycled materials.
  • Toad Abode, National Wildlife Federation
    A simple water and cover feature for amphibians.
  • Wildlife Publications, Alabama Cooperative Extension System
    Shelters for wildlife, bird houses for songbirds and bat houses, too!
  • Wood Duck Nesting Box, Ducks Unlimited
    Background and diagram.
  • Woodworking for Wildlife, Missouri Department of Conservation
    Lots of different species specific plans for mammals and birds.
  • Working with Wildlife Series Catalog, North Carolina Cooperative Extension
    Includes several articles about wildlife homes and nest boxes.

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