PART VII: Backyard Management


Trees & Shrubs:

  • 680 Tree Fact Sheets in Adobe PDF Format, University of Florida
    Sorted by plant family, common name or scientific name.
  • 9 Things You Should Know About Trees, The National Arbor Day Foundation
    Good tips and techniques mixed with general information.
  • Attracting Birds Using Trees and Shrubs,
    A general overview from's Birding/Wild Birds expert.
  • Horticulture publications - Trees and shrubs, University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension
    Multiple publications on tree and shrub planting and care.
  • How to Prune Trees, USDA Forest Service - St. Paul Field Office
    Very detailed guide to pruning trees.
  • Native Trees for Landscape Use, University of Minnesota Extension Service
    Not specifically for wildlife, but includes information on transplanting from the wild.
  • Northern Gardening
    Short articles with good tips.
  • Planting Landscape Trees and Shrubs (PDF 172 KB), Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service
    Although not specifically for wildlife use, provides good information as to when and how to plant.
  • Planting Shrubs for Wildlife, Maryland Department of Natural Resources
    Good general overview.
  • Plants Database, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Searchable database and fact sheets for native and non-native plants.
  • Pruning Woody Plants, Delaware Cooperative Extension
    Includes methods and general principles of pruning.
  • Shrubs, Michigan State University
    Multiple articles covering planting, through after-planting care of shrubs.
  • Shrubs for Wildlife, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
    A quick overview with a short list of recommended shrubs.
  • so you want to plant a tree..., USDA Forest Service - St. Paul Field Office
    Tips for choosing the right tree for the site to getting it in the ground
  • The Right Tree Handbook, Minnesota Power Electric
    Tree selections for planting under and near power lines and other locations.  Not exactly wildlife focused, but includes lots of tree factsheets.
  • Tree & Shrub Care, University of Minnesota Extension Service
    Multiple articles on planting and pruning trees.
  • Tree care and maintenance, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
    Includes sections on tree planting, maintenance and forest health.
  • Tree Care Consumer Information, International Society of Arboriculture
    Excellent guides to everything from how to buy a tree to long term maintenance of trees
  • Tree Facts & Tips, University of Minnesota Extension Service; Forest Resources Extension
    Care for trees - including information on diagnosing problems.
  • Tree Planting, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension
    Many good articles on trees and shrubs, with an emphasis on the Nebraska area.
  • Tree Planting, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Step-by-step instructions from choosing a tree through planting it.
  • Tree Planting in Michigan, Michigan State University Extension
    Specific information for our local soil and climatic conditions.
  • Trees, Michigan State University
    Multiple articles covering planting, through after-planting care of trees.
  • Trees and Trees & Shrubs Information Categories from
    Some articles from their own experts mixed with links from all over.
  • Trees and Shrubs, University of Missouri Extension
    Lots of articles with an especially good section on selecting trees for different needs
  • What Tree is That? The National Arbor Day Foundation
    An identification tool even non-botanists can use.
  • Wisconsin State Nursery Program, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
    Provides valuable information about planting trees in general and planting for wildlife.

Tree & Shrub Plant Lists:

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