Roscommon County
For Public Land Locations or Possible Public Opportunities:

For Purchasing Licenses: either use DNR E-license online or county license locations.
For Official Hunting Hours: Add +06 Minutes to the Time Zone "A" table; specific times are
  "one half-hour before sunrise to one half-hour after sunset" adjusted for daylight-savings & time zone.
    A detailed "current local weather" forecast usually includes sunrise and sunset times for that area.
For More Detailed Information: regarding Michigan's public lands, hunting/trapping, and more
    see the sections "Where Can I Hunt", Hunting & Trapping, and Online Forms, Publications & Maps.
For the static "Lands Open to Public Hunting" map: Roscommon County PDF (3 by 4 foot page).
    The DNR Mi-Hunt online, interactive mapping tool is more up-todate versus the county PDFs.
For the Current Weather or a Forecast: the county center is zip-code 48653.

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