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Cover of the comic title, A day in the life of a Michigan black bear. Click on the image to go to the first page. See full directions below.

Welcome to A Day in the Life of a Michigan Black Bear!

You don’t read this comic book like a regular comic book. In this comic book, you get to control the actions of a mother bear and her two cubs.

Somewhere on each page, you’ll see a number inside a circle. You will click on the number in order to continue the story in that direction.

If you look at the first page of the story, you’ll see that it has a number two on the arrow at the bottom of the page. Since it’s the only choice on the page, you would click it in order to keep reading.

Sometimes you’ll have to make a choice that will change what happens to the bears next. Page four shows arrows leading to two different numbers: 51 and 6. When there’s more than one number, choose which direction you want to take the story, and go to the page for the choice you make. So if you pick the arrow leading toward the agricultural field, you’ll go to page 51. When you get to the end of the story, just come back here, and you can go through again and make different choices. Start here, and have fun!


Contact your local schools to ask them to go wild in the classroom!

This comic book adventure is designed to complement the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ “A Year in the Life of a Michigan Black Bear” curriculum for 6th through 8th grade educators. Students learn about Michigan’s black bears and their habitats. Visit Michigan.gov/DNREducation to find out how to “spend a year in the life of a Michigan black bear” in your school.