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SCP Certification
 1. NOTE TO APPLICANT:  Many species of fish, and some reptiles and amphibians can be taken under a sport fishing license by hook and line, seines, traps, or hand nets for scientific study, provided the open seasons, creel limits, and size limits are observed. See the Michigan Fishing Guide or call Fisheries Division (517) 284-5830 if you are unsure which is appropriate.
 2. Collector’s permits for threatened and endangered species are issued only in conjunction with a permit obtained from MDNR, Wildlife Division, Threatened and Endangered Species Unit.
 3. If this permit application is to collect amphibians or reptiles that are listed as special concern species, permit applications must also include justification for the study or collection and exact numbers of the species to be taken. Proposed methods to mitigate the effect of this collection must be detailed.
 4. Applications must be filled out in full.  Failure to do so will result in increased processing time for your application. Normal processing time for applications that are received completely filled out is one month. Plan accordingly.
 5. Students must have a major professor as a co-applicant.
 6. Collector's Permits are not transferable.
 7. Collector's Permits must be in permittee's possession during collection.
 8. Collector's Permits must be presented upon request of any Michigan Department of Natural Resources representative.
 9. Nature centers or educational facilities must submit a list of species currently in possession in addition to those to be collected.
10. Any violation of the conditions of a collector’s permit may result in revocation of the permit and misdemeanor penalties of imprisonment for not more than 90 days, or a fine of not more than $500, or all of the above.
11. Reports of collection activities under a collector's permit are required on termination of permitted activity or at the end of the calendar year. Reports must either be a completed Collector’s Report form (provided with permit) for on‑going studies, or a final written report (introduction, methods, results, discussion, and recommendations) for studies that have been completed. Failure to report this information shall result in permanent permit revocation.


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