How to perform a search:
Fill in a full or partial applicant last name and/or a company affiliation. It is not necessary to enter the full name --partial names are allowed. Your search will return all of the records matching the information provided. You may use only one search field or use a combination of the two to narrow your target. If a search fails or does not return the results as expected try broadening your search by using less of the name (enter a portion of the name), or entering a different spelling of the names.

Fields available for the search:
Applicant Last Name: last name of the applicant name submitted on the permit application e.g., "Smith" or “Jones”
Affiliation: name of a business, agency, educational institution, non-profit, nature center, or other entity e.g., "Central Michigan University"

Search tips:
Name and affiliation are as submitted on the application and slight spelling or wording variations may exist. Using only a portion of the name may produce better results. For instance if searching for “Central Michigan University” you may have better results entering the partial affiliation name of “Central” when searching. This will return all affiliations where the word “Central” appears anywhere in the affiliation name. The search values are not case sensitive so use of upper or lower case will not influence search results.

How to interpret the dates in the results screen:
Received date: Date that the permit application was received in the Lansing office
Issue date: Date that the permit was issued
Mailed date: Date that the permit was mailed to the applicant
Expiration date: Date that the permit expires/expired

How to interpret the application status:
Waiting approval: Permit application has been received by the Lansing office and logged into the database
Incomplete: The permit application was incomplete / more information is needed
Approved: Administrative review complete. The permit has been approved and will be mailed
Approved & Mailed: The approved permit has been mailed to the applicant
Denied: The permit application has been denied
Withdrawn: The permit application has been withdrawn by the applicant
Revoked: The issued permit has been revoked
Expired: The issued permit has expired